Daily noise exposure calculator

Sorry, the interactive calculator works only with browsers that support Javascript. But you can get an idea of how noise exposure adds up as follows:

An exposure of 80 dB (the lower action Level of the Noise at Work regulations) can be reached by a continuous exposure to the following noise level and duration, during one working day:




80 dB   8 hours
83 dB   4 hours
86 dB   2 hours
89 dB   1 hour
92 dB   30 minutes
95 dB   15 minutes
98 dB   8 minutes
101 dB   4 minutes
104 dB   2 minutes

Doubling the duration of exposure to a constant noise has the same effect on the exposure as increasing the level by 3 dB.

Quiet breaks

Relatively short breaks have little effect. In an 8 hour shift, the reduction in exposure given by a quiet break is as follows:

Break in 8 hr shift   dB reduction
30 minutes   0.3 dB
50 minutes   0.5 dB
1 hr 40 min   1.0 dB
2 hr 20 min   1.5 dB
3 hours   2.0 dB

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