Noise risk assessment

Does your business involve high sound levels? If so, you probably need to make a noise risk assessment. (More details in the law on noise.)

We can do noise risk assessments for any type of noise exposure, from gardeners using petrol-driven hedge trimmers to football commentators listening on headphones. Also, for any business from a large corporation with its own safety department to a small enterprise with just a few employees - or even a single person who wants to make sure that they are not damaging their own hearing.

After the assessment - what then?

Following the assessment, you might need to take some action to reduce the risk. If action is needed, we will normally include recommendations in our report, including advice on appropriate ear plugs and muffs. If necessary, we can quide you through everything you need to do to keep the law. It is often a good idea for companies to have a noise policy and noise action plans. We can help and advise you on these. A lot of it is common sense but it is a good idea to make sure you get it right!

We're based very near central London so are well placed to do noise risk assessments and similar work over a wide area of south-east England. If you think you might have a noise at work problem, why not give us a call?

No gobbledygook!

We take pride in producing clear reports written in plain English. Here are a couple of comments we received recently:

  • "I read the report you produced for a colleague of mine and l liked the lay out and ease of reading it. No legalise or unnecessary bumph." (From a safety officer.)
  • "This is a nice report and could have been written by someone much more familiar with our facility than yourself who was just here for the day." (From a plant manager.)

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